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An advanced film protection solution for marble, quartzite, granite and other services. Our innovative formula forms a durable barrier, resisting heat up to 250°F and providing unmatched defense against daily wear. Crystalcoat is self-healing, ensuring worry free protection from spills and stains while preserving the natural beauty of your surfaces. Trust Crystalcoat for long-lasting elegance and peace of mind.

Crystalcoat’s thin application seamlessly integrates with natural stone, preserving its original appearance without bulk or aesthetic changes. Unlike thicker coatings, Crystalcoat maintains the stone’s natural look and feel, ensuring effective protection against etching and staining. This thin, durable layer allows the intricate details and unique characteristics of the stone to shine through.


There Are Two Options For Crystal Coating

Polished and Satin finishes. The polished finish offers a glossy shine, while the satin finish provides a softer, matte appearance.

Polished Finish

Ideal for those who love their countertops to reflect light and exhibit a high-gloss finish, our Polished coating brings out the vibrant colors and unique patterns in your stone, making them the centerpiece of any room.

Satin Finish

For a more understated elegance, our Satin coating provides a soft, matte finish that reduces glare while still enhancing the natural beauty of your stone surfaces. This option is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated, modern look.



Crystalcoat products are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty for interior applications. This warranty specifically safeguards the product against yellowing, blistering, or bubbling from the protected surface. However, it does not cover intentional or unintentional scratching or peeling.


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