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After a few years of use, you might notice that your surfaces have been stained and do not look as good as they did when you first got them installed. Granite, marble, and quartz surfaces can become stained by accumulating dirt and possibly foods and drinks if they are spilled. Polishing is the best solution for stained surfaces and will provide your surfaces with a glistening look.

At Dr. Granite & Marble, we offer polishing services for customers that have stained granite, marble, or quartz surfaces. Our experienced team will make sure that your surface looks good as new by providing our high-quality polishing services. We have been offering services for many years and we are always looking to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the services that we give them.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and require granite, marble or quartz polishing services, feel free to contact us directly and receive immediate assistance. We will discuss the size and type of surface you need polished, and we will book an appointment when we are available. 

Our Services include:

  • Chip / Crack repair
  • Joint / Seam Repair
  • Stain / Etch Removal
  • Remounting sinks that have fallen
  • Cleaning and resealing countertops
  • Buffing and reshining countertops
  • Polishing surfaces
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